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Birk 75 - Desert Ironwood

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Grind Flat
Blade steel CPM S30V
Blade thickness 3mm
Blade width 22mm
Blade length 75mm
Lock type Liner lock

Birk is designed as a premium class everyday carry folding knife. 

Reliability is one of the core aspects of the Birk. The open frame design eliminates buildup of grime and lint, reducing the need for cleaning maintenance. Low-friction bronze washers will guarantee a smooth operation.

Subtle and classy, the Birk does not aim for trendy features or shock value, but a clean appearance, and focusing on function.

Blade length:  75 mm
Blade width: 22 mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Total:  105/176 mm
Steel:  CPM S30V
Grind: Flat
Scales: Desert Ironwood
Weight 89g











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