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Belgian Stone 821

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Size: 40 x 100 mm

The Blue Belgian Whetstone contains a maximum of 30% garnets with a diameter of 10 to 20 microns. 
It´s grid is about 6000.
The ideal geometric shape of the garnets gives the whetstone another unique characteristic. The smooth shape of the garnets means that they polish the metal without leaving behind tiny burrs.  This results in a fine, burr-free polish. 

Pierre des Pyrénées: 

The stone is a mix of slate and sandstone. It´s grid is 1200. The stone sharpens knives and tools fast to an acceptable level. This is the perfect preparation for sharpening on the Blue Belgian whetstone-side.  

This combination whetstone is suitable for sharpening any type of steel, including stainless steel (inter alia, 18/8 and 18/10 stainless), Damascus Steel and HSS High Speed Steel.

Various fields of application of La Pyrénées range from razor blades, all kinds of cook's and kitchen knives, hunting and pocket knives to chopping and cutting tools. 

Physical characteristics: 

La Pyrénées consists of layers glued together, each with a thickness of 9-10 mm. La pyrénes is only produced in a rectangular shape. Production is carried out using traditional methods, and a small tolerance as regards dimensions is perfectly normal.

Sharpening with La Pyrénées: 

Sharpening uses both the "Pierre des Pyrénées"- side and the BBW side with water. All that is required is to wet the surface; there is no need to immerse the stone. Pre-sharpening of very blunt and/or damaged blades is done on the "Pierre des Pyrénées"- side, while the fine sharpening uses the BBW side. Garnets are released during sharpening on the BBW. The more garnets are released, the more abrasive the grinding compound becomes. Diluting the grinding compound of this versatile BBW gives an even sharper result, right up to razor-sharp!

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