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Damacore DC18N / Thor 3,5x38x100mm

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Damasteel’s stainless Damascus patterned steel, Damacore® DC18N is a powder metallurgy-based steel with three different alloys.

The center, the core consists of N11X™, a high nitrogen steel with distinctive properties combining outstanding corrosion resistance with edge sharpness, wear resistance, strength and ductility.

The Damascus patterned outer layers consists of RWL34™ and PMC27™. They are both variants of martensitic stainless steel with a minimum of 13 percent chromium content. They have been proven very suitable as a knife material, for long cherished in Damasteel DS93X™ martensitic Damascus patterned steel.

The three alloys combined in Damasteel’s process gives the Damacore® DC18N unique and exceptional properties. This provides an ultimate blend of technology advanced knife available.

Listing is for 100mm. For 200mm, add 2pcs to the cart, for 300mm add 3pcs.

Pieces longer than 305mm available on request.


Damacore DC18N Heat treatment and data

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