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GlassCast 3 Clear Epoxy Coating Resin 1Kg

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Use GlassCast® 3 for super-flat, clear, glossy coatings on penny floors, bartops, counters and furniture. GlassCast® is UV resistant, hard-wearing, self-levelling and recommended for pouring at thicknesses up to 3mm.

Glass Cast 3 epoxy resin can be poured at thicknesses from just 1mm up to 5mm or more but is recommended for coatings between 1mm and 3mm making it perfect for creating a glossy resin coating over furniture as well as creative ideas like bottle tops, crushed glass, pebbles and of course the incredibly popular pennies.

Suggested Uses

  • Tabletops* (including embedments like bottletops, corks, pebbles, glitter, gravel)
  • Bartops* (including crushed glass, beer mats etc.)
  • Furniture (including reclaimed wood, driftwood, decoupage etc.)
  • Penny floors

This amazing resin is self-levelling and cures to leave a stunning smooth, glossy surface which requires no flatting, polishing or further finishing - a true 'pour and leave' process. If you do need to polish the resin however, to remove scratches or add a soft radiused edge to a cast surface for example, Glass Cast 3 is very easy to polish using simple abrasive paper and polishing compounds to restore a full gloss.

Special additives in the resin help to expel trapped air after mixing meaning that in most circumstances there is no need to pop bubbles with a torch or heat-gun.

The advanced 'UV' resistant formulation of Glass Cast means that it has non-yellowing properties far superior to those conventional epoxies meaning that it will start beautiful and stay beautiful for years to come.

*All epoxy resin systems will be marked by hot objects. To improve the heat resistance of your Glass Cast surface, an elevated temperature post-cure should be undertaken. Even after which, you should avoid placing particularly hot plates or cups on your Glass Cast surface.

GlassCast 3 is ideal as a clear floor resin making it the perfect choice for a resin penny floor or to include other embedments. To date, GlassCast 3 has been successfully used for thousands of penny floor projects in the UK and around the world.

Other GlassCast Versions

GlassCast 3 is the original GlassCast product which has now been renamed to GlassCast 3 having been joined by two new versions; GlassCast 10 and GlassCast 50. The number in the name is the suggested thickness that each product should be used for; GlassCast 3 is recommended for coatings up to 3mm in thickness whereas the new products are recommended for castings up to 10mm and 50mm.

For resin penny floors, counter tops or similar, GlassCast 3 is the right product.
For smaller clear resin castings such as jewellery or resin art (up to 10mm) in thickness, choose GlassCast 10
For infills into knot holes or distressed wood or if you're doing a waney-edge river table then GlassCast 50 is the right choice.

Pigments and Tints

Our Glass Cast range of resins are compatible with many pigments and colouring powders on the market today. This includes epoxy compatible pigment pastes, various pigment powders and translucent tinting pigments. If the pigment manufacturer is not sure if the pigment is epoxy compatible then a small test should give you the answer you need. We stock a range of pigments that have all been tested and work great with all of our Glass Cast resins.

*Unlike most water clear resins, Glass Cast can be cast into Condensation/tin cure RTV silicone rubber moulds without any problems.

* Use dry filler powders with caution as in most cases they will reduce the clarity of the Glass Cast, with the more filler used resulting in a greater negative impact on clarity

Shelf Life

Shelf Life is 12 months from date manufacture. GlassCast should be stored in its original container and out of direct sunlight. It is recommended that the storage temperature should be between 15ºC and 25ºC. Ideally, containers should be opened only immediately prior to use. KEEP THE PACKING TIGHTLY SEALED WHEN NOT IN USE. When stored correctly, the resin and hardener will have a shelf-life of 12 months. Although it may be possible to use the resin and hardener after a longer period, a deterioration in the performance of the resin will occur.


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