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Hiker 95

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  1. Hiker 95 flat grind
    I have bought your Brisa Hiker 95 flat grind. I'm completely trapped with this knife. Satin surface of the handle was the first thing that took my attention. The grip is very comfortable. It give more controle in front. Perfect for detailed work. But still thick in strong grip. Whole knife is very, very light. Blade steel is not very thick. It is good for cutting performance. I was searching for lightweight knife for more general purpose. Scandi is perfect for speciffic usecase but flat is more general. Steepness of grind is more sharp therefore the blade does not brake tough food (potato, carrot, ...). I like to see also other more tough stainless steels. N690 (even elmax) ? Give more strenght even for thin blade. Flat grind definitely used for wet food preparation. I'm knife enthusiast than the price was acceptable for me to try and support you with another of your model. I like your knives. But to be honest. Com one it is just a 12c27 tail blade in plastic handle. Your leather sheath is perfect. (I will re-use for my old Trapper.) But perhaps consider plastic sheet that may bring lower price and more general use for carry (sorry to say but like Mora companion clip one).
    I'm your fan. Have a D2 Trapper with old more steep scandi grind (appreciate very much), elmax flat grind trapper, Nessmuk. I don't want to tutor you. I just want to share my oppinion to knife that I like. I wish you success and not only in 2020

    Thank you for your Hiker 95. It is nice and very practical friend.


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1 Item

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