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Santoku Damascus

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Grind Scandi
Steel Damascus steel
Blade length(mm) 165.00
Blade length:  165 mm
Blade width: 46 mm
Blade thickness: 2,75 mm
Total:  245 mm
Steel:  Carbonsteel Damascus
Bolster:  3571, 3576

The traditional Japanese Chefs knives are sharpened in one side single bevel edge with a slightly concaved flat side for sharper and straight penetrating cutting task. The unique blade is made of hard Shirogami Hagane carbon steel laminated and hand forged with soft iron. This hard tempered (Rockwell 62) single edge carbon steel blade can be easily honed to a razor sharp.

In order to avoid damage to the blade, special caution should be used when performing cutting tasks. To minimize the risk of damage, you are advised to avoid cutting bones, frozen meat or vegetables and similar ingredients. Do not wash in dishwasher, use only wooden or soft plastic cutting boards.

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