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Martensitic stainless powder steel RWL 34

Rapid Solidified Powder (RPS) based steel is a variation of the 420 martensitic stainless steel with >13% Chromium. The addition of Molybdenum and Vanadium gives the RWL 34 even greater corrosion resistance, hardness and strength. Close equivalent to 154CM


-High edge strength

-High hardness after hardening and tempering

-High corrosion resistance

-Easy grinding and polishing

-High purity and cleanliness


C Si Mn Cr Mo   V
1.05   0.50   0.50   14   4   0.2  


  Hardening temperature   Tempering temperature   Tempering time   Hardness

1050C, 1920F

220C, 430F 2h 59 HRC

1050C, 1920F

175C, 345F 2h 62 HRC

1080C, 1980F

220C, 430F 2h 58 HRC

1050C, 1920F

175C, 345F 2h 63 HRC

1100C, 2010F

175C, 345F 2h 64 HRC

Length measurements +/- 5mm