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About us


Our adventure begins with two people with a shared
love of craftsmanship and the harsh, undeniable
beauty of the Finnish wilderness. Where one man is
focused and driven, the tip of the knife; the other is
calm and methodical, its protective sheath.

The story takes place in a perfectly balanced meeting
point between Finnish nature and Finnish
craftsmanship; one famous for its infinite web of
intertwining lakes, the other for its long-standing knife
making tradition. What starts with a simple hardened
blade to make a good pair of touring skates deepens
into true expertise around the materials and the
perfection of craftsmanship along the way. Little did
these friends know their interest in skating miles of
frozen lakes together would lead to so much more
than the hunt for good ice.

Trapper, the very first Brisa knife, appeared in the late
90s and remains to this day an international success
story thanks to its winning combination of intelligent
design, durable materials, and Finnish craftsmanship.
It has set the bar high for all the models to come,
guaranteeing you can always rely on a Brisa knife.

Since the early days of blades gliding over ice, Brisa
has grown from a friendship into a worldwide
community. We are now the go-to supplier of
premium materials, expert advice, and thoughtful
design. Skilled artisans and enthusiasts within the
Brisa community continuously inspire us to push our
products to the next level. Together we form the Brisa
legacy, preserving an appreciation for quality and
craftsmanship for generations to come.